How do we reinvent museums?

The pandemic is forcing us in the sector to radically reconsider our way of working: the ‘stage it and they will come’ is unsustainable in this climate. Every museum should be a hub of social change and an essential placemaker in their area.

Museum Questions

Over the past few months, while struggling with the devastating economic impact of coronavirus on museums, some of the most interesting and useful conversations I have had have been about reinvention. How do we use this moment to identify ways we can be better? How do we emerge from this situation with a clearer vision of what we want to be and do for our communities, and a more effective work environment to help us get there?

In the wake of George Floyd’s murder, our attention was refocused – or doubly focused – on systemic and individual racism. We have had this conversation before, after other brutal murders, and I worry that we will let this moment go without making any real change. We can’t afford to do that.

Obviously coronavirus and systemic racism require different responses from individuals and museums. The former suggests we shut our doors for now…

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